Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh How We'll Miss You - Trish Keenan

Heartbroken by the news on January 14th, 2011 of the passing of Trish Keenan of Broadcast due to pneumonia that she evidently contracted during a flight layover from Australia to the U.K. Broadcast is my favorite band of the past 10 years and Trish my favorite vocalist. She was only 42 and had so much more to teach the world through her unique and unconventional music. The saddest part about this event to me was the suddenness by which it happened. Also, the fact that this tragedy happened because Trish was traveling across the world, doing what she loved. I think we all took Broadcast for granted. I thought I'd grow old with them. Then one day, this great thing the world had was swept away. I am only slightly eased by the fact that Trish left so much behind for future generations to discover and enjoy. She will live on in this way.

My heart goes out to James and her close friends and family.

I thought the only way I could contribute to this progeny was by creating a page that culled together every favorite visual item Broadcast-related that was out there on the web, for easy access. Professional music videos, interviews, and some of the better footages of them playing live. There are countless footages of them playing live out there, some of them sound terrible, so I'm only looking for what I consider to be the best. More will be added as I find them. So here it is in no particular order:

1. "The Be Colony" from the album Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age (2009)

2. "I See, So I See So" from the album Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age (2009)


3. "Winter Now" live performance on a defunct CBC programme called "Zed." Rumor has it that they also played "Pendulum" on the same show. Surely that footage must be out there! Song from the album Haha Sound (2003.)

4. "Come on Let's Go" from the album The Noise Made By People (2000)

5. "Paper Cuts" from the album The Noise Made By People (2000)

6. "Valerie" from the album Haha Sound (2003.) Clips used from the Czech film Valerie and her Week of Wonders (1970.) 

7. Clip of Broadcast performing "In Here the World Begins" from the EP Mother is the Milky Way (2009) live at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain on September 17th, 2010. 

8. "Corporeal" live on KCRW

9. "Ominous Clouds" live on KCRW

10. "I Found the F" live on KCRW

11. "Black Cat" live on KCRW

12. "America's Boy" live on KCRW

13. "Michael A. Grammar" live on KCRW

14. Interview with James Cargill. 

15. "Tender Buttons" from the album Tender Buttons (2005)

16. Broadcast cover Nico's "Sixty Forty" in Paris 2005

17. From the same show as #16- "Bit 35"

18. Broadcast @ Teatro Comunale di Carpi, 12 Mar 2010 - 1

19. Broadcast performing a new song (not from any album) @ The Rhythm Room in Phoenix 11/6/09

20. Broadcast performing @ Night & Day in Manchester 2005. 34 minutes, set list below. 

1 Pendulum
2 America's boy (4'30")
3 Tender buttons (9'50)
4 Black cat (15')
5 Goodbye girls (19'15")
6 Bit 35 (22'50")
7 Winter now (26'45")
8 Corporeal (30'10")

21. "Broadcast in Australia" recorded before their first ever (and last ever) tour in Australia in December 2010. 


  1. Great stuff, Jake! Thank you for doing this. Couple things if I can offer. The KCRW session was recorded 2006.01.25, and the audio grab I have has an interview as well as "Goodbye Girls", which the uploader must not have uploaded. "Michael A Grammar" from that session is up: Not sure how complete you're going with this, but if I can help, I'll be glad to hunt! Cheers and thanks again.

  2. This is awesome info Karel thanks! i would like this to be as complete as possible. If you have the audio interview or know where i can find it, surely email it to me if possible.

    might not be able to edit any of this until tomorrow or the next day. busy busy busy...gotta pay da beeels. i should make you a moderator...haha.

  3. Sure, I have to help my bro move tomorrow, but I can try to up the complete session on Sunday.

  4. Sounds awesome Karel, take your time. i've got too much to do right now too.