Friday, January 21, 2011

Songs of Mystery

I have been really impressed with the collection of songs on the mix Trish made for a friend called "Trish's Mind-Bending Motorway Mix." Story & zip here:

There are two mystery songs, tracks 3 & 14 that nobody yet has been able to name. I am hoping somebody out there in the winternet can put an end to this mystery and crack the case, because damn.....this one is tasty:

track #3
i'd love to track down a physical copy of whomever's record this would be on.

UPDATE: Ok, it's been solved, this song is by a Malaysian group Truck. Song is called "Earth Song" from their 1972 debut album Surprise! Surprise!


  1. Carl Erdmann "Devil worship" is track 14. It's a pretty obscure record- I'm guessing Trish found it as an MP3 on the Waxidermy website, same as I did. Brilliant track isn't it.

  2. Woah! thanks a lot. Love #14, i'll have to check out that site. Rumor has it that #3 has been solved too. I'll find out and report back.